Search Engine Marketing


SEM or Search Engine Marketing is one of the types of internet marketing, which involves the process of promoting

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website, through increasing the visibility in various SERPs or search engine result pages by means of advertising and optimization. Search engine marketing can make use of SEO or the search engine optimization wherein it adjusts and rewrites web content in order to gain higher rank or position in the search engines. The use of PPC or pay per click listings is also allowed.



When the number of the websites have increased continuously particularly in mid-to-late 1990s, various search engines have started to appear in order to help the individuals, search for information fast and easy. The search engines have established business models for the purpose of financing the services like pay per click program, which is mainly offered by the (1998) and Open Text (1996). In the year 2001, has replaced its name into Overture and in 2003; the program was bought by Yahoo. Today, it is now offering paid search opportunities especially for the advertisers by means of Yahoo! Search Marketing.

Also, in 2002, Google has started to provide advertisements on various search engines by means of the program, Google AdWords. In the year 2007, the program, PPC (pay per click) is considered as the primary money-makers in the search engines. By 2009, Microsoft and Yahoo! has announced to the market that is mainly by Google the issue regarding the intention of forge alliance. The Microsoft and Yahoo! Search Alliance have received the approval coming from the Europe and US regulators in 2010.

The Search Engine Optimization (SEO) consultants have extended their offers in order to help every business learn things about and the usage of advertising opportunities, which are provided by search engines as well as the new agencies that is primarily focused on advertising and marketing. The word Search Engine Marketing is proposed in 2001 by Danny Sullivan in order to cover the wide array of activities included in managing paid listings in various search engines, perform SEO, submit websites to different directories as well as to develop online marketing approaches for individuals, organizations and businesses.

Categories of Methods and Metrics

  1. Popularity and website saturation – This category determines the number of presence a website has in various search engines. It can be efficiently analysed by means of taking a look on the number of indexed website on the search engines and through the number of backlinks the website contains. Every page is required to have its own keyword where people can easily search. It should also have the assurance that in the search engine, the website is able to get the highest rank. Some of the tools used in order to measure popularity and saturation include Link Popularity, Marketleap’s Link Popularity and Search Engine Saturation and Top 10 Google Analysis.
  2. Keyword analysis and research – This category involves 3 steps: finding the most accurate and precise keyword for the product and the website, ensuring the website is qualified for search engine indexing and utilizing the keywords in order to convert and generate traffic.
  3. Whois tools – This tool reveals the owner of every website and provides valuable and relevant information that is related to trademark and copyright issues.
  4. Back-end tools – This category include HTML validators and Web analytic tools wherein it is capable of providing data on every website and to its visitors. It also allows the measurement of every website’s success. This is ranging from the simple traffic to tools that works efficiently with the log files as well as the more refined tools, which are created from page tagging. These tools have the capability to provide conversion-related information. The 3 tools which are utilized by EBSCO include the tag-based analytic tool (WebSideStory’s Hitbox), log file analysing tool (Web Trends by NetiQ), and transaction-based tool (TeaLeaf RealiTea).

Paid Inclusion

Seo Paid

The paid inclusion requires search engine charging fees when including a website in the result pages. This is also referred to as the sponsored listings. The products under paid inclusion are given by the search engine organization either in a separately recognized advertising area or main result area. The structure fee is filtered both against revenue generator and superfluous submissions. Typically, this fee covers the annual subscription of a single webpage that is catalogued automatically in a regular basis. On the other hand, there are companies which are experimenting with the non-subscription based fee wherein the obtained listings are permanently displayed.

Paid inclusion is a method that can be efficiently used in search engine marketing and can also be used as a tool for SEO (search engine optimization) purposes. Firms and experts have all the capabilities to test out varieties of approaches for the purpose of improving rankings and be able to see the results within days of waiting. The knowledge obtained in such processes can be applied in optimizing other websites or web pages without the need to pay large amount on Search Engine Company.

Some of the search engine marketing is being managed by contextual advertising wherein the marketers are placing advertisements on other websites or even portals, which can deliver relevant information about the product going to the group of consumers seeking for such information online. Search Engine Marketing plan can be considered successful if it is able to identify the relations amongst search engines, information searchers, and businesses. A good strategy should be the one that attracts more potential customers and can ensure growth and progress for every business organization or individual.